🙌 Ella’s Kitchen (The Purple One + The Orange One )

Thank the maker that a book like Ella’s Kitchen, The First Foods Book was published the year N° 1 was born.  I honestly don’t know how we would have coped with the whole weaning palaver without it.  My guess is that, had it not been for the book, N° 1 would still be hanging on my boob and, before I realised, she’d probably be asking for a squirt or two into her coffee ☕️…

Now, I’m not dismissing the Annabel Karmels of this world at all, it’s just that before even thinking about going and getting a weaning book N° 1 was already in love with the Ella’s Kitchen organic pouches so for me it was a no-brainer to pick up this book.  With recipes for a number of dishes already covered by the pouches in the range and a whole lot more I was not disappointed!

For anyone at the beginning of the dreaded weaning journey  I would say definitely have a look at the Ella’s Kitchen weaning book. It is the third offering in the Ella’s Kitchen cookery books range (known as ‘The Purple One’ ) and it helps readers to navigate each stage of the weaning experience, from 6 to 12 months. It is full of useful information, tips, advise and, most of all, numerous delicious recipes (130!) divided into suitable age ranges (6 months+, 7 months+ etc.). The recipes are super: nutritious, varied and with healthy ingredients most of us will either already have in the food cupboard or will easily find in the shops. I particularly enjoyed introducing my two-toothed N° 1 to international cuisines, the favourites were Jammin’ Jamaican Fish Curry, Warming Veggie Dahl and Chicken Paella-ella-ella 🥘

I cooked about 90% of all the recipes in the book (an excellent result, I say. Only Plenty by Ottolenghi has had anywhere near this level of use) and every single one was a success. I had a baby who ate everything- from smoked mackerel  to Dijon mustard (not on its own, obvs!). And I felt GOOD. I felt I was WINNING🏅

One of the recipes that N° 1 would consume without a hint of fuss.

But that was BEFORE.

Before we hit The Terrible Twos.

👶🏻 >>> 👹

And we hit it hard.

All of a sudden Shooting Stars Sardine Pasta is landing on the floor and Tuck-in Turkey + Fennel Bake on my face. EVERY frickin’ meal is accompanied by a very assertive ‘No! No!! No!!!’.

I’ve had a go at every tried and tested recipe that my beautiful well-weaned baby gobbled up just a few weeks before. I’ve tried being ingenious (adding avocado to a chocolate mousse, arranging food in a funky way etc. etc.) but nothing has worked. For the last three months N° 1’s diet has consisted mainly on Weetabix, bananas and tinned tomatoes (no joke).

A desperate serving suggestion

So I really do hope that the fact a new Ella’s Kitchen Easy Family Cookbook (known as ‘The Orange One’)  has just come out is a sign from above. It’s packed with healthy recipes for children and parents (meaning that I will hopefully no longer waste the food I’ve cooked for N° 1) to enjoy and with tips on how to make mealtimes fun. So watch this space, I shall review it shortly. But in the meantime please keep your fingers crossed for me because whilst I do have two hungry worms, I am currently one increasingly fed-up mama.




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