Peep Inside the ‘Peep Inside’ books (and a a Fact or Two about Usborne Publishing) 👀

It wouldn’t be possible to blog about books for babies & toddlers and not mention Usborne books. Usborne was founded in 1973 (by Peter Usborne, who had previously founded the satirical magazine Private Eye!) and has gone a long way since then! It is now arguably the largest, most famous and innovative children’s independent publisher. Whatever they decide to do, they do it perfectly. The quality of their books is second to none, the illustrations are lovely (and produced by in-house designers!) and their ranges cover pretty much everything one could hope to find when it comes to children’s books.

One of my favourite Usborne ranges is the relatively new Peep Inside series. I remember when the first book, Peep Inside the Zoo, came out back in 2013. I was a childless children’s book buyer at the time but I squealed in delight when I was presented with it. I understood straight away that the book was very special and like nothing else available at the time. It is basically a spin-off from the older range See Inside but tailored for smaller hands and brains:) Each book is focused on one area (Zoo, Space, Castle etc.) and is full of facts that are related to it. What makes it so appealing for little ones is the numerous flaps (in places four flaps per page or- even better.. wait for it… a double flap!) and peep-through holes in the pages which make reading the books a fascinating voyage of discovery.

We currently have three books in the range, ZooFarm and Garden, as they feed nicely N° 1’s obsession with animals (especially monkeys) but we will definitely be growing the collection!

Here are a few pages from Peep Inside the Zoo, just to share its loveliness with everyone:


On one of the pages you get to unfold mother gorilla’s arm to find a gorilla baby – N° 1 loves it!

And some parrots’ flaps & facts:


And our favourite pages from Garden:

Flying insects:


and a frog!IMG_9361


Title/Series Peep Inside published by Usborne (rrp £6.99)

Illustrations various illustrations; colourful, detailed

Type Board books with flaps and cut-out holes, for easy peeping!

Causes Giggles? No, it’s factual

Rhymes? No

Good for: Learning facts, spotting things, Montessori-friendly, interactive reading

Perfect Worm Age: 1-3 years

🐛 Worms’ Rating: 🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎 (=scrumptious)

🐞 Mama’s Rating: 🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎 (=scrumptious)


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